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Weather in Gruyere

It's good even on sunny days, but even if it rains, there's something to do in Gruyere. Always keep in mind during your trip to enjoy Gruyere, which can be enjoyed regardless of the weather, and visiting Gruyere when it rains can be a good option.

Estimated travel time

The Gruyeres Cheese Factory and the Castle of Gruyeres are in the same Gruyere station, but the Caie Chocolate Factory is in Broc fabrique. If you want to go to both the Gruyeres and Caié chocolate factories, it's best to think of it as 6-7 hours from Lausanne. Since it is a rural village, it can be a little difficult to travel quickly because there are about one train per hour.

Three major attractions in Gruyere

There are three points in Gruyere where you can feel Switzerland. Gruyere Cheese Factory, Cayer Chocolate Factory, Gruyere Castle. Because it is a countryside, it can be quite a distance, but if you have time, you can enjoy all three.

스위스 깃발 그뤼에르
스위스 그뤼에르 치즈
스위스 초콜렛 그뤼에르초콜렛

■ In and out of Gruyere

▶ From Bern (Takes 1 hour and 25 minutes one way)

Bern -> Fribourg -> Bulle -> Gruyere

When transferring in Frivu, you have to take the train well. It says platform 4CD, but since the train splits in the middle, it is essential to make sure that the train is going to Bulle.


▶ When departing from Lausanne (takes 1 hour and 16 minutes one way)

Lausanne -> Hormont Romont -> Bulle -> Gruyere

It is nice to visit Eun Geun Gruyere from Lausanne.

▶ When departing from Montreux (takes 1 hour and 15 minutes one way)


Montreux -> Montbovon -> Gruyere

It is connected from Montreux to Mont-Bond by the Golden Pass Line. Personally, I think it's a pretty good route because I can go to Gruyeres while feeling the most beautiful section of the Golden Pass (10 minutes near Montreux).

■ In and out of the Broc-fabrique at the Caie Chocolate Factory

From Bulle in the opposite direction to Gruyeres, or by continuing on the train from Montboon, you will find the end point of Broc-fabrique. This is where the best French-speaking cayé chocolate factory is located. This is a place that would be worth stopping by if you are a family traveler with children, and personally, it is one of the places where the admission fee was the least.

■ What to see in Gruyeres

Gruyere Castle

It is a small castle on a hill, and the building itself feels like a wall, rather than having a separate wall. You might be disappointed because it's a bit small, but let's not forget that Switzerland is a very small country. If you take pictures here and there, there are many pretty places, so let's take a look carefully.

When going to the castle of Gruyeres, you have to walk a little uphill. If you don't want to walk uphill, get on the bus right in front of you as soon as you get off the train. You can use it for free with the Swiss Pass, and it takes you 5 minutes to the front of Gruyeres Castle.

스위스 그뤼에르 그뤼에르성
스위스 그뤼에르 그뤼에르성
스위스 그뤼에르 그뤼에르성
스위스 그뤼에르 그뤼에르성
스위스 그뤼에르 그뤼에르성

Gruyere Cheese Factory

When you arrive at Gruyere Station, the first thing you see is the Gruyere Cheese Factory. If you take a peek inside the bathroom, you can see a cheese store, and there are restaurants where you can taste cheese fondue, raclette or meringue (dessert). In the case of a cheese factory tour, the entrance fee can be a bit burdensome, so it is not recommended compared to the chocolate factory, but let's take a look at the cheese storage area next to it.

스위스 그뤼에르 치즈공장
스위스 그뤼에르 치즈공장
스위스 그뤼에르 치즈공장

Caie Chocolate Factory

It is the Caie Chocolate Factory, which developed the first milk chocolate in Switzerland. What makes this place so appealing is that there are unlimited chocolate tastings after the factory tour. However, don't regret it because you can't eat a lot because you get bored sooner than you think. The exhibition room is well decorated, so if you are traveling with a child, you should definitely visit it.

스위스 그뤼에르 브록 까이에 초콜렛공장
스위스 그뤼에르 브록 까이에 초콜렛공장
스위스 그뤼에르 브록 까이에 초콜렛공장

Gruyere food


The fortress can be found in Itaewon or Yeoksam, so it is a relatively easy-to-eat food, raclette. It is 50,000 times more delicious than cheese fondue, and it suits Korean taste much better. It is a dish that is eaten by melting one side of cheese and scraping it with a knife. The etymology of racquet itself comes from the French word "scrape". Sometimes, if you order a raclette, there are some inexpensive dishes that are already scraped, but even if you pay a little money, you can eat it yourself or go to a house where the staff scrapes each time you talk at a high-end restaurant to have a more delicious raclette.

스위스 그뤼에르 라클렛
스위스 그뤼에르 라클렛

Cheese Fondue

In the case of cheese fondue, the likes and dislikes of people are very different, but it is much more delicious than the fondue eaten in Interlaken or Lucerne. If you order too much, it can be a little burdensome, so it is best to order only one serving and share it to taste. Personally, I think tomato fondue is better for Korean taste than traditional fondue, so let's choose whether to choose the taste or authenticity.

스위스 그뤼에르 치즈퐁듀

Double Cream

Double cream is usually eaten with a dessert called meringue, and in addition to that, it is also eaten with strawberry or fruit dip. One of the specialties of Gruyere, where the dairy industry was developed.

스위스 그뤼에르 더블크림
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