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Weather in Montreux

If you plan to go to Chion Castle next to Montreux, the weather will not be much affected. Of course, a sunny day is much better to appreciate Lake Leman, but it can be said that it is relatively less affected by the weather because the appearance of Siong Castle covered with clouds is also elegant.

Estimated travel time

It takes a lot of time depending on whether you enter the interior of Siongseong Fortress or not. If it does not go inside, it takes about 1 to 2 hours, and if it goes inside, it takes about 2 to 3 hours.

■ What to see in Montreux

The most representative place in Montreux is Chion Castle. Other than that, it can be said to be a statue of Freddie Mercury and a promenade along the shore of Lake Lehmann. Rather than seeing anything, it is better to think that Montreux is the place where Lake Leman looks the most beautiful.

스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성
스위스 몽트뢰 프레디머큐리 상

■ In and out of Montreux

The Golden pass line, which connects Montreux-Zweijimmen-Interlaken-Lucerne, is famous enough that everyone heard it once while preparing for a trip to Switzerland. The most beautiful part of the Golden Pass Line is 15 minutes just before arriving in Montreux, and if you want to feel this part, take the Golden Pass Line. However, it takes a little longer. Usually, it is a quick way to get there via Lausanne, and this route is just as beautiful as it is along Lake Leman.

스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성 위치
스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성 지도 맵

■ What to see in Montreux

Downtown Montreux and Freddie Mercury Award

When you arrive at Montreux Station, the tourist points are little by little. In the case of a cruise ship dock or Freddie Mercury statue, you need to walk for about 5 minutes, and you have to take a train, cruise ship, or bus to Siongseong Fortress. Arriving in Montreux is like steamed bun without red beans, so consider the travel time to and from Sion.

First of all, when you get off the escalator from the station, you can only see the crosswalk right in front of you, but there are many cases where you can't get a sense of where to go. In that case, as you can see in the picture below, let's go down the stairs. There are also escalators and elevators, so if you are uncomfortable, you may want to use them. As you go down, you can easily find the cruise ship dock on the left and the bus stop on the right.

스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성 가는길
스위스 몽트뢰 프레디머큐리 상

Chateau de Chillon in Chillon

The British poet Byron made the work "The Prisoner of Chion Castle," and actually scribbled his name in it, making the Montreux Castle even more famous. It is one of the places with good internal exhibitions, and Swiss Travel Pass holders are admitted free of charge. In addition, it provides free Hangul pamphlets, and the description of more than 40 exhibition rooms is very well done. However, unless you are a person who is attached to an exhibition, it is enough to just look around the exterior .

▶ How to get to Xiongseong

1. Walk: It takes about 1 hour

2. Take bus 201.

3. Take the train.

4. Go on a cruise ship.

스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성
스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성 가는길
스위스 몽트뢰 시옹성 바이런 낙서
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