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Weather in Aresult

Glacier Gorge Aresult is worth visiting even if it rains due to the nature of the gorge. .

Areschult operating period

The Brienger Rothhorn operates only from summer to autumn, so be sure to check the operating period.

▶ Operation period (summer)

Areschelt West Station open: April 6-November 3, 2019

Areschelt West East Station fully open: May 11-November 3, 2019

Estimated travel time

Departing from Interlaken, you will go through Meiringen to Arreschelt West Station. There is a way to return halfway from West Station, or a way to walk to East Station, which depends on your fitness and hiking preferences.

Aresult total time required: 3~5 hours

스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트

Areschult cost

Transportation from Interlaken to Aresult is free, and there is only a small admission fee to Aresult..

Admission: CHF 8.5 (adult), CHF 5 (youth)


■ In and out of Areschult

Let's go to the Interlaken OST. Take the train from platform 4 to Lucerne. Pass Brienz Station and get off at Meiringen Station. From here to Aresult, take a single-line local train (private railway). Both are free with the Swiss Pass.

Get off at the second stop, Aareschlucht west station, cross the bridge and go to Areschel.

스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트가는길
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트서역
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트 가격, 아레슐트입장료

Aresult Glacier Gorge

It is called Zhangjiajie (?) in Switzerland, and it is a representative glacier canyon, where you can enjoy a landscape that is seldom seen in Korea. Areschelt is where the mystery created in the canyon that has undergone mechanical and chemical weathering.

Since it is a glacier canyon, it maintains a pretty cool temperature even in the middle of the summer, making it a good place to visit in hot summer and a place worth visiting even on rainy days.

스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡

How far will you walk?

In April, when only Aresult West Station is open, you can only come to the waterfall shown in the photo above. All the highlights of Areschult are all there is, so if you're not in good physical strength, let's go back to the west station.

​If you have good stamina and you like unusual terrain, keep your footsteps and walk to the Areschult East Station. You will see the unusual Aresults co-working that looks like a bunker. If you press the button and wait, the door will open only when the train arrives. Before that, no matter how much you press, the door won't open, so don't worry.

스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡,아레슐트동역
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡,아레슐트동역
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡,아레슐트동역
스위스여행, 스위스빙하협곡,빙하협곡,아레슐트,아레슬루흐트,아레슐트협곡,아레슐트동역
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