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Weather in Zurich

As Zurich is a city, it is relatively less affected by the weather. Of course, a sunny day would be better, but if the weather is a little bad, it would be better to see the city of Zurich than a walk. However, it is true that Zurich city is somewhat less popular with Korean tourists, so let's think about it.

Estimated travel time

Traveling in Zurich varies in duration depending on the course and the speed of your footsteps. In this article, I introduce a course for those who spend an hour or two lightly.

Sightseeing in Zurich

Many Korean tourists think that Zurich is simply a city to go through, but unexpectedly, there are many things to see. Zurich city is an old town, and you can still feel the fragrance of the old, and if you go to the west side of Zurich, you will feel like Hongdae in Korea. You won't be busy wandering around, just go to Lake Zurich and enjoy your leisure time, and you will fall in love with Zurich's travels. If you're going to stop by for a minute or two, it's enough to see the old town, and if you're thinking about exploring Zurich for a bit longer, you can go to the west side of Zurich or the lake side of Zurich.

스위스 취리히 시내 투어, 스위스에서 가장 큰 도시인 취리히에는 그로스뮌스터 그리고 프라우뮌스터가 가장 볼만하다

Tour of Zurich city


After exiting Zurich Central Station, the road you can see in front is the Bahnhofstrasse. In the center of Zurich, Bahnhof is the main station and Strasse is the street, literally the main station street. As it is known as the most expensive street in the world, it is lined with various luxury shops, and there are various shops and restaurants including department stores. In addition, the two leading banks in Switzerland, where the financial industry has developed, Credit swiss and UBS are headquartered in Paradeplatz, which is connected to Bahnhofstrasse. As the trams pass and the old buildings remain as they are, it feels like the past and the present coexist.

스위스 취리히 시내 중심 반호프스트라세


Stroll through the old town of Zurich and you'll find a park on a small hill. You can see people spending time playing chess in Lindenhof, a park on this hill, just like a chess player in Tapgol Park in Korea. Prehistoric, Roman, and medieval features all remain on the walls, making it a historically valuable place. Zurich city is one of the most scenic spots, with the University of Zurich, Gros Muenster and the Limmat River at a glance. It is the only park in the old town and is used by many as a resting place, so if you want to see people in Zurich, go to Lindenhof. It is also a great place to see the night view in winter when the sun sets early.

스위스 취리히 그로스 뮌스터 린덴호프 야경


First constructed in 853, Frau Münster is one of the four major churches in Zurich, along with Gros Münster, St. Peter's Church and Freddieger. When it was first built, it was used as a convent, but it is now a church in Zurich, where the famous Reformer Zwingli worked. Perhaps it is Marc Chagall's stained-glass gates that make this church more popular. Unlike the hard stained glass, which is commonly seen in general, the soft curves and beautiful colors are attractive. Mark Chagall's work always says that you can always find Mark Chagall's own face, so take a look at the stained glass. (White t: yellow upper part)

스위스 취리히 프라우뮌스터


Gros Muenster, built in the 12th century, is famous for the speech of Zwingli, a leading Swiss Reformer. Gros Muenster has changed many times before it is still in its present form, and various styles, including Romanesque style, are mingled in one place. The two towers visible from the front were made of wood in 1492, but were rebuilt after being burned down during the fire in 1763. The bronze spire at the back means good luck because it does not burn and has the same appearance. If you look at the small model right in front of the Gros Muenster, only the spire behind it is shining brightly, because it was a place that survived the fire, so many people touch it, meaning it brings good luck. Wishing you a happy trip to Switzerland, let's touch the spire and pass by.

스위스 취리히 그로스 뮌스터
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