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Weather in Bern

Since Bern is a city, it is relatively less affected by the weather. Of course, a sunny day would be better, but if the weather is a little bad, it would be better to see the city of Bern rather than a walk.

Estimated travel time

The time required for a trip to Bern varies widely depending on the course and the speed of your steps. In this article, I introduce a course for those who spend an hour or two lightly.

Bern History

Bern's history began in the century when the Duke of Cheringen began building the castle. The U-shaped Aare River acts as a natural trench and has a very good shape for defense in Bern. Because of this geographic feature, the city developed early and now serves as the capital of Switzerland. So how was the name Bern named Bern? By the time the city was established in Bern, Berchtoldsse decided to make the first animal that he catches as a symbol of the city, and it's hard to believe, Berchtoldsse caught a bear. Thus, the name Esau Bern, which means bear, was given. The German initials of Berlin, as we know them, are also related to bears, so you don't have to worry about bear attack during your trip to Bern. Wild bears have not appeared since the 15th century, and bears can only be seen by going to the bear park.


Bern's old town is not big and is very easy to travel on foot. If you want to travel on foot, first go to the city area. You can see the square in front of Berne Station, where countless trams and buses pass, and on the left you can see the Holy Spirit Church Heiliggeistkirche, famous for its colorful baroque skylights. Let's start our trip to the old town of Bern by turning left around the Holy Spirit Church.

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Tour of Bern city

Holy Spirit Church Heiliggeistkirche

When you come to Berne Station, the Holy Spirit Church on the left is the first to see. This is the starting point for your trip to the old town of Bern. This baroque church is famous for its colorful baroque ceilings. In 1228, when the Church of the Holy Spirit was built, it was built on the west side of Bern's Old Town, but as the city of Berne gradually expanded, it is now located in the center of Bern's busiest center. Turning left around the Holy Spirit Church, the tour begins in the old town of Bern.

스위스 수도 베른 성령교회

Federal Medical Association Budeshaus

It is the Federal Medical Association where 7 members of the federal parliament, who are presidents, and members of each canton parliament in Korea gather. Like the National Assembly Building in Korea, there is a bronze dome at the top, and it was built from 1852 to 1902. In the square in front of the Federal Medical Association, water is spouted from 26 fountains, which symbolizes the Swiss Canton, and the words CONFOEDERIOTIONIS HELVETICAE are engraved on the front, which means that the official name of Switzerland is Helvetica Union. If you want to get inside, take a guided tour in English. There is often a market in front of the Federal Medical Association, and ice rinks are set up in winter to make it easier for citizens to use.

스위스 베른 연방의사회

Clock Tower Zytglogge

A huge clock tower is located in the center of the old town, like Switzerland, famous for its clocks. When it was constructed in the 12th century, it was intended to be used as a gate, but as the size of Bern City grew, two more gates were created to the west, and now it feels like it is in the center of the old town. The clock on the Kramgasse side of Kramgasse was made in 1530, and you can watch the dolls move on every hour, and the bell ringing model on the tower moves and strikes the bell. The movement of the doll may be futile than expected, so do not lean too much.

스위스 베른 시계탑

Bern Münster

Famous for being the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, the Cathedral of Bern can be found at once due to its bulging shape by the time you reach Bern. It was created by Matheus, who built the Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg. In 1421, it was completed in 1893 with an additional spire over 380 years on the site of a small cathedral in the old town of Bern. As Switzerland's tallest cathedral, you can climb up the spire to see the red-roofed old town buildings, the surrounding river Aare and the mountains of the Jungfrau region in the distance. The sculpture of the Last Judgment on the main gate of Bern Cathedral, made in the 15th century, is also a must-see. The name of the cathedral was influenced by the Reformation, and it is a church. Anyone who wants to give Mass should go somewhere else.

스위스 베른 베른뮌스터, 베른대성당

Einstein's birthplace Einstein Haus

Physics master Albert Einstein worked at the Bern Patent Office a year ago. Looking at the trams going around Bern's Old Town, he established a special theory of relativity. A person on a moving tram sees the world moving even if he or she does not move, and we started from thinking about what would happen if a person could move at the speed of light. There is a separate entrance fee, and unless you are a person who is interested in physics, it will not be very interesting. Take a picture of Einstein hanging outside the building.

스위스 베른 아인슈타인 생가

Bear Park

Bear park where you can see the symbolic bear of Bern. The warriors of Bern, who won the Battle of Novara in 1513, brought and raised bears. Bear Park, located on the banks of the Aare River, is a disappointing place if you expect too much. You can only see bears roaming around, but it's far from the big size of a zoo. It is curious to have a bear in the middle of the city.

스위스 베른 곰공원

Rose Park Rosengarten

The Rose Park, a must-have for a trip to Bern, is famous for overlooking the old town of Bern. If you are disappointed to see only 2 or 3 bears in Bear Park, you should definitely visit Rose Park. Of course, roses are not important in the rose park. The Rose Park is to see the old town of Bern. The red-roofed old town and the emerald-colored Aare River are stunning. It can be a little tired because it is a little hill, but it is good to relax while drinking a cup of coffee or a drink at the cafe in Rose Park. If you go to spring and summer when the roses are in full bloom, you can also see the beautiful park.

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