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Weather in Rotthorn

The mountains are the same everywhere, but Brienger Rothhorn should also go when the weather is nice. It is not recommended when it is foggy because nothing is visible. Let's check if it's sunny through the weather app and go.

Mountain train inspection period

The Brienger Rothhorn operates only from summer to autumn, so be sure to check the operating period.

▶ Operation period (summer)



Estimated travel time

From Interlaken, it takes about an hour and a half one way to the Brienger Rotthorn. Since the middle station is not dense, it is not recommended to hike in the middle, and rounding at the top is good.

Rotthorn total time required: 4-6 hours


Brienger Rothhorn Transportation Expenses

Swiss Travel Pass holders have free access to Brienz Station and free travel on mountain trains from Brienz to the top of Rotthorn.

Regular price: CHF 88

Swiss Travel Pass holders: CHF 44


■ In and out of Brienger Rothhorn

Let's go to the Interlaken OST. Take the train from platform 4 to Lucerne. Get off at Brienz Station in about 30 minutes. It is quick to take the train to Brienz Station, but you can also take a cruise from Interlaken East Station. In this case, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Just behind the Brienz SBB train station, a steam train to Brienger Rothhorn awaits. After buying a ticket at the ticket office, let's get on the train.


Brienger Rothhorn Observation Deck

As the steam locomotive goes up, Lake Brienz comes into view.

​There are two restaurants at the top, and there is a cable car going down the other side, which is not very suitable for Korean tourists. It is recommended to take the return train to Brienz.

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