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Weather in Jungfraujoch

The most important thing on a trip to Jungfrau is the weather. Check the Jungfrau webcam in the morning to make sure the summit is clear before going up. You can see the Jungfrau real-time webcam by pressing the "Real-time webcam" button at the bottom.

Train inspection period

Like the Jungfrau train, mountain trains do not have a separate maintenance period. However, there may be cases in which the climb is not possible due to bad weather.

▶ Open all year round

Estimated travel time

From Interlaken, the train time to and from Jungfrau is only 5 hours. It takes at least 6 hours, including 1 hour of normal viewing time, and 6 hours and 30 minutes to 7 hours and 30 minutes for general free travelers. It is better to take the 1:05 train at the latest.

스위스인터라켄 융프라우 지도 스위스패스 가이드북

Jungfraujoch transportation costs

Most Swiss Pass holders can get a 50% discount on mountain trains, but here Jungfrau only offers a 25% discount. However, when Korean tourists go to Jungfraujoch, the Dongshin Shipping Discount Coupon gives you a bigger discount and. If you apply, you can get a coupon for free, or you can get it online and print it out. Please refer to the Dongshin Shipping site.

Jungfrau round trip ticket price

Was: CHF 204.4

Dongshin shipping coupon holder: CHF 145

Dongshin Port + Eurail Pass: CHF 140

Dongshin Port + Swiss Pass: CHF 132

Jungfrau seat reservation

This system has been in place since 2016, and it is the time reservation for the Klaineshaidek-Jungfrau section. There is an additional charge of CHF 10, which is often mandatory during the peak season (July-August). Seat numbers are not strictly assigned, and it is easy to understand if you think that you have the right to board first.

Jungfrau VIP Pass Price

How to climb the Jungfraujoch

There are two main ways to get from Interlaken East Station to Jungfraujoch.



Trains going from 567m above sea level to Interlaken to 3,454m above sea level to Jungfraujoch will change twice in the middle and take a total of three trains. Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, and Kleineshaideck are places to change trains. You can go up to Grindelwald first and then down to Lauterbrunnen, or you can go to Lauterbrunnen and then down to Grindelwald. Going any course is not very different.

스위스여행 인터라켄 융프라우 지도  가이드북

View details of the road to Jungfrau

Interlaken East Station Platform 2

To go to Jungfraujoch, nicknamed Top of Europe, you must first go to Interlaken ost. Go inside the East Station shown in the picture below and take out a number ticket, and when it's your turn, show the Dongshin Port Coupon and train pass, if you have one. Always say hello before ordering tickets. (European culture)

Trains depart at 05 minutes every hour, and some trains depart at 35 minutes. Train operating times vary by season, so let's check locally or search for train times. It is recommended to take the 1:05 train at the latest. Don't forget that the round trip train takes 5 hours and the normal viewing time is at least 1 hour.

스위스여행 인터라켄동역

Where is Grindelwald/Lauterbrunnen?

Let's decide whether to go to Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen first in Interlaken. To get to platform 2, go down the basement and go up the stairs to the left to Grindelwald, and to the right uphill to Lauterbrunnen. It appears to be one train, but after departure, the train is separated from Zweiruchinen Station, the second stop, and the car in front goes to Lauterbrunnen and the car in the rear to Grindelwald. It says where the train is heading, so it's good to check it, and if you're confused, ask a station attendant.


From Interlaken East Station, get on the blue train and run for about 30 minutes, and you can see the huge Eiger north wall on the right in the direction of travel. Open the window and take a photo while admiring the Eiger North Wall and the town of Grindelwald. And soon you will get off at Grindelwald. After getting off, you can take the yellow + green train that enters the platform directly across from you.


As you go uphill, the turtle wall on the left and the beauty of Grindelwald are on the right. It is unfolding as we imagined it to be Switzerland.

The first train ride from Grindelwald will take you downhill and then go up in the opposite direction at Grund Station. When going downhill for the first time, the standard is on the left, and when going uphill after passing Grund Station, the right is Myeongdang. If you stay still, the direction will change automatically at Grund Station.

After going up for about 40 minutes, you will arrive at Kleineshaidek Station. You should take the red train to Jungfraujoch, not to be confused with the train from Lauterbrunnen on the other side.

스위스,스위스숙소, 인터라켄, 그린델발트, 융프라우, 아이거,그린델발트숙소,그린델발트명당


From Interlaken East Station, board the blue train and run for about 20 minutes to arrive at Lauterbrunnen. There is no significant difference between the left and right sides of this road, so you can sit comfortably.


The section that needs to be placed on the edge is the Lauterbrunnen-Kleineshaidek section. If not under construction, the train to Kleineshadek is the yellow + green train on platform 3. The view on the right when going up and on the left when going down is overwhelmingly good. Enjoy the panoramic view of Lauterbrunnen village, where there are more than 70 waterfalls flowing at many times, and take a good seat to see the Jungfrau 3 Peak properly. Two minutes after departure from Lauterbrunnen, before passing through the tunnel and arriving at Bengen Station, and the last 10 minutes are the photo zone.

스위스 인터라켄 라우터브루넨 폭포 융프라우 가는 길


When going up from the Kleineshaideck to the Jungfraujoch, seats per person are not very important. You can enjoy the scenery in about 5 minutes, and continue going inside the Eiger North Wall Tunnel. There are three intermediate stations: Eiger Glater, Eigervant, and Icemare, of which stop for 5 minutes at Eigervant and Icemare stations in the tunnel. There is a view point, so it is recommended to get off and take a look. However, there is a risk of altitude sickness, so be careful not to run.

스위스 인터라켄 융프라우 클라이네샤이덱 산악여열차

Jungfraujoch summit tour

After a long journey from Interlaken to the top of Jungfrau for about 2 hours and 30 minutes, we climbed up. Follow the white arrows to the meeting point. If the smell of Shin Ramyun is sticking to the tip of your nose, you have arrived. The toilet is located in the basement by going down the stairs in front, and on the right is a shop where you can get Shin Ramyun with a free coupon and a place where you can get a commemorative passport stamp.

​This is the start of the trip. Pass the souvenir shop on the left and go to the Sphinx Observation Deck in order.

Sphinx Lookout

Two elevators can be seen after passing through the clunky tunnel and the Jungfrau Panorama video hall. Take the high-speed elevator that rises 108m and go up to the Sphinx Observation Deck 3,572m above sea level. You can see the Eiger and Mönhi, as well as the view of the Aletsch Glacier.

스위스  인터라켄 융프라우 융프라우요흐 스핑크스 전망대
스위스, 인터라켄, 융프라우, 융프라우요흐, 알레취 빙하,융프라우투어
스핑크스전망대,인터라켄,융프라우,융프라우전망대,묀히, 융프라우

Snow Fun & Mönhi Lodge

If you get off the Sphinx Observation Deck elevator and go to the right, there is an outdoor observatory that is open only in midsummer. It is famous among Middle Eastern people for zipline, summer skiing, boarding, and snow sledding, and it is not very popular with Koreans. In addition, there is a trekking course that takes about an hour one way to the mountain hut. This trekking course is difficult and is not recommended for those who are not ready.

융프라우전망대,융프라우요흐,융프라우, 인터라켄,묀히산장가는길,스위스여행,몽트래블, 차가운순대
스위스, 인터라켄, 융프라우, 하이킹, 알프스하이킹, 융프라우하이킹, 스위스하이킹
스위스여행, 스위스눈썰매,여름눈썰매, 스노우펀, 융프라우, 융프라우요흐

Alpine Sensation & Ice Palace

What should I do if I paid a lot of money and came up to Jungfrau, but the weather is cloudy and I can't see anything? You can't go down to eat just cup noodles. The Alpine Sensation and Ice Palace are indoor spaces that you can enjoy without the influence of the weather.

From the Sphinx Observation Deck, take the elevator down and see the sparkling space in front of you is an alpine sensation. There are large snowballs and Swiss iconic statues. If you take the moving walk, you will see a bronze statue of Adolf Guerzeller, who designed the Jungfrau Railway, as well as a photograph showing what it looked like at the time of the Jungfrau Railway construction.

If you can see the revolving door at the end of the tunnel, wear warm clothes and enter. It is a glacier cave made by digging the ice cap. Air conditioning facilities are installed here to prevent melting little by little due to human body temperature. Also, as the floor is slippery with ice, walk by holding the safety handle for your safety.

스위스여행,스위스,인터라켄여행,융프라우,융프라우관광,융프라우투어, 알파인센세이션
인터라켄, 융프라우,융프라우요흐, 알파인센세이션, 스위스여행, 스위스

Plato Terrace

After passing the Ice Palace and walking up the elevator or stairs, you will finally arrive at the Plato Terrace, the highlight of your Jungfrau trip. This place needs no explanation. Let's enjoy it to our heart's content.

You can see the Jungfrau, which boasts a height of 4,158m above sea level. Jungfrau means "virgin" in German, meaning "not allowed to anyone." It is famous for taking the lives of countless climbers. In a slightly different sense, if you are looking at the sunny Jungfrau on a sunny day, wouldn't you be allowed to have Jungfrau's permission?

​In case of bad weather, access to the outside is restricted, and the Swiss flag may not be able to be found, so keep this in mind.

스위스,스위스가이드,스위스투어,스위스스냅사진, 융프라우스냅,융프라우사진, 융프라우가이드, 차가운순대,몽트래블, 인터라켄, 융프라우, 융프라우요흐 투어, 가이드
스위스,스위스투어,차가운순대투어,몽트래블투어, 인터라켄,인터라켄가이드, 스위스가이드, 융프라우, 융프라우요흐 투어,융프라우 가이드, 몽트래블
스위스,스위스투어, 인터라켄,인터라켄투어,  융프라우, 융프라우요흐 투어,스위스가이드, 가이드, 몽트래블 태극기

Jungfrau explained!

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