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Lausanne Weather

As Lausanne is a city, it is relatively less affected by the weather. Of course, a sunny day would be better, but if the weather is a little bad, it would be better to see downtown Lausanne than a walk. However, the city of Lausanne is somewhat less popular with Korean tourists, so if the weather is good, it is better to visit Lavaux, Montreux, and Vevey in the suburbs of Lausanne.

Estimated travel time

The time required for a trip to Lausanne varies greatly depending on the course and the speed of your footsteps. In this article, I introduce a course for those who spend an hour or two lightly.

Attractions in Lausanne

A trip to Switzerland is mainly about admiring the natural scenery, but it's also a good idea to see the city of Switzerland with a little investment of time. In particular, if you want to taste the Swiss specialty hamburger called Holikaura, you should visit downtown Lausanne. It is the first city in Switzerland to have a subway system. It is a bit cumbersome to travel only on foot due to the many hills, and we recommend taking a tour around Lausanne by subway, which is free with the Swiss Travel Pass.

Looking around the city of Lausanne

Lausanne Gare

When you get out of Lausanne Station (on the side closer to Platform 1 than Platform 8), you will see the word Metro between McDonald's and Starbucks, which is the Lausanne Subway Station. There is not much to see around Lausanne Station, so first take the subway, not in the direction of Ouchy, but in the direction of Lausanne flon, 3 spaces, and get off at Bessieres Station.

Lausanne means three hills, and there are many hills, so the first subway in Switzerland was created. In addition, as soon as you get off the subway, the elevator is connected to eliminate the hassle. If you get off at Bessieres Station, take the elevator you see in front of you and go up. When you get off the elevator and turn your head to the right, you can see the scenery shown in the picture below.

스위스 로잔 로잔대성당, 로잔카테드랄

Lausanne Cathedral  

Lausanne's iconic landmark, the Lausanne Cathedral, the first subway station in Switzerland, and the bridge between the hills, worthy of the name of the three hills, can contain everything about Lausanne. It can be a little dangerous at night, but it's also a beautiful night view.

From 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., the bell tower rises to the left bell tower and screams. Going east, west, north and south, she shouts twice, "I'm a servant. It's 10 o'clock." If you're an unbelievable traveler, you can check it out yourself. At the 58th minute, the spare bell rings, the main bell rings at the right time, and at the 02th minute the bell rings. It's not very big, so you have to go right in front of the cathedral.

However, don't expect too much because expecting too much can lead to disappointment.

스위스 로잔 카테드랄 야경, 로잔대성당 야경

If you go up to the front of Lausanne Cathedral, you can see the city of Lausanne. You can see the old town of Lausanne, which has been maintained since the 18th century, as well as Lake Leman, the largest in Western Europe.

스위스 로잔 카테드랄, 로잔대성당
스위스 로잔 카테드랄 야경, 로잔대성당 야경

Lausanne Town Hall and Old Town

Go down the stairs in front of the main entrance to Lausanne Cathedral. Although renovated, it is a staircase with a history dating from the 12th century. If you go down the stairs for about 5 minutes, you will find the Sado Fountain of Justice, a clock with a doll, and a city hall that was built in the 17th century and is still maintained to this day.

스위스 로잔 카테드랄 야경, 로잔대성당 야경
스위스 로잔 시청사 야경, 로잔 구시가지 야경

Leave the city hall on the left and go up to the right to get to the subway station. Now let's take the subway to see the lake and go to the final stop, Ouchy.

Wuxi Ouchy

Let's go to Wuxi, a town facing the lake. You can feel the beauty of Lake Leman as it is. The Olympic Park is nearby, and the village on the other side of the lake is Evian, which we know well for bottled water. Let's relax on the lake like the locals do.

스위스 로잔 우시 Ouchy에서 바라본  레만호수
스위스 로잔 우시 Ouchy에서 바라본  레만호수
스위스 로잔 우시 Ouchy에서 바라본  레만호수
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