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Weather in Labo

It is better to visit Labo on a sunny day, but a little rain or clouds are not very important. Because it is a region that produces grapes for wine, sunscreen can always be a must. Spring and fall are the best time to travel, not recommended in winter.

Estimated travel time

Labo regional trains only travel one hour an hour, so it may be a little ambiguous to set the time. It is good to expect a generous amount of 2-3 hours and tour.

Labo attractions

Labo does not refer to a single village, but refers to a number of villages such as Pyu-i, Lut-ri, My-i, Efes, Khiva, Sang Sapo Port, and Shevhe. Each village has a slightly different feeling, so it is better to travel mainly in a village that suits your preferences.

스위스 로잔 라보 Lavaux 포도밭에서 보는 레만호수
스위스 로잔 라보 Lavaux 포도밭에서 보는 레만호수
스위스 로잔 라보 Lavaux 포도밭에서 보는 레만호수

■ In and out of Lavaux

First of all, Labo refers to the area between Lausanne and Montreux. Rabo Station does not exist, and there are several villages in the Rabo area. This side of Nyon Mochge is called La cote, which is quite unique because it has a vineyard on the plains, while Labo has a terraced vineyard. It's not just that I thought I was pretty, so if it's famous enough to be designated as a World UNESCO Natural Heritage, it is one of the very famous areas.

If you take the train from Bern to Geneva or Lausanne, you will go through the tunnel twice 10 minutes before arriving in Lausanne, and as soon as you pass the second tunnel, you can see a magnificent view from the left window, which is Laboda.

스위스 로잔 몽트뢰 라보 Lavaux 지도 맵
스위스 로잔 브베 라보 Lavaux 지도 맵

Lavaux hiking recommended course

Chebres-Rivaz (40 minutes downhill)

When you get off at Shevhe Station, there is a path that goes down the iron bridge. After going down, go straight down the iron bridge on the right, and you will see the lake. Let's start the hike by looking at the lake and walking to the right.

Sangsapo Port St. Saphorin-Khiva Rivaz (20 minutes on flat ground)

Sangsapohang Station is very easy because there is only one exit. When you get off at Sangsapohang Station and walk through the village, you will naturally see Khiva Rivaz Station and a castle-like winery. Let's just walk comfortably.

Chebres-Sang Sapo Port St. Saphorin (60 minutes downhill)

It is almost the same as the first course. If you go straight toward the lake, it becomes the first course, and after walking a little, look at the road leading to Sangsapo Port and go straight to the left to become this course.

Epesses-Lake Cully on the shore (30 minutes on flat ground)

When you get off at Efes Station, there is a path that goes down the lake. If you go down that road and walk straight to the right, let's walk to Myon.

Epesses-Myey Cully Vineyard (45 minutes uphill and downhill)

Contrary to the course mentioned above, if you go up the hill on the opposite side of the lake, you will come to Efes Village. The uphill road is a little steep, but not long. After that, walk downhill to the left and go to Miya.

* There is one train every hour at Laboji Station, so check the timetable!

스위스 로잔 라보 Lavaux 라보 익스프레스

Lavaux express

If you're a little annoyed by hiking, a little train called the Lavaux express can be a good choice. The Labo Express departs from Lutry and Cully. The price is CHF 15 and includes wine tasting. The strange thing is that Labo wine is really delicious, and the wine you give on the little train tour is very bad. However, the view from every nook and cranny of the train is very nice, so it's worth getting on the train.

스위스 라보 Lavaux 와이너리 스위스와인

Labo wine vin

The photo shows red wine, but in fact, red wine is not tasty, and white wine is delicious. Most of the Swiss red wines contain Pinot noir, but you can feel the taste a little bit sweet. On the contrary, Swiss white wine uses a grape variety called Shasla, which boasts a very clean taste like Swiss nature. Personally, I like the wine Dezaley the most, and it is actually the best in the Labo area. Wines from the Labo region are more expensive than those from the La Côte region on the same Lake Leman. There, Dezaley is the most expensive white wine.

스위스 라보 Lavaux 레만호수 스냅사진
스위스 라보 Lavaux 레만호수 스냅사진
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