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Weather in Lucerne

Since Lucerne city tour is a city tour, it is relatively less affected by the weather. You can travel without very heavy rain or snow, so let's enjoy it at ease.

Estimated travel time

The time to explore downtown Lucerne is 1-2 hours, and the walking time varies from person to person, but it does not require a very long time.

Transportation expenses in Lucerne city

There is no need for extra transportation costs if you only want to take a quick tour of the city. You can explore enough on foot, so let's travel with a light mindset.

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Lucerne Central Station Departure

If you go out from Lucerne Central Station in the direction the train came in, you will see a sculpture that looks like an old door, and you can see a lake behind it. The sculpture that looked like an old door was the door of the old Lucerne station, and the rest of the door except the door was burned out due to a large fire. If you turn your head to the right, you can also see the KKL building, which is said to have the world's best sound facilities. Let us take a step to the left opposite KKL.

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Chapel Bridge/Capel Bridge

One of Lucerne's most popular tourist attractions, the Chapel Bridge is the longest and oldest wooden bridge in Europe. It was designed to prevent enemies from invading from the lake rather than to cross the river. Unfortunately, most of them were burned down by a fire in the 1990s, but they were well restored so that you can appreciate the old appearance.


▲ The prints inside the Chapel Bridge


Jesus Church

Switzerland is very famous for the Reformation, and each canton has a different religion. The Lucerne Canton is a representative Catholic canton, and according to the foreign language notation, it is said to be the Church of Jesus. It is still one of the most received cathedrals from the citizens of Lucerne, and it is also the place where the most people come to Mass.


Spurair Bridge

On the opposite side of the Chapel Bridge is a similarly shaped wooden bridge, Sprue Bridge. Like the Chapel Bridge, which was built to prevent enemies from invading from the lake, this Sprue Bridge was built to prevent enemies coming from the river. However, since there were no stupid enemy troops stepping up against the current of the river, the purpose of the bridge construction was never fulfilled. However, unlike the Chapel Bridge, it has never been burned, so it has a historical meaning as it has the shape it would have been produced.


Wine Square in Old Town of Lucerne

Crossing the Sprue Bridge or the Chapel Bridge leads to the Old Town of Lucerne. The old town has only the old buildings, and the new town does not mean that there are only new buildings, but the other side of the bridge is usually called the old town. Like other old towns in Switzerland, there are lots of tourists, and it is mainly a shop for shopping.

You can see wonderful paintings on the walls of the building near the wine square, and it is said that painting on buildings was popular as a symbol of wealth in the 18th and 19th centuries. However, the wealthy people at that time did not care about preserving cultural properties due to lack of knowledge about the culture, so all of the paintings at that time were lost, and now they are commercially repainted.


Muzek City Wall

It is one of the three highlights of Lucerne city, along with the Chapel Bridge and the statue of a moribund lion as the wall that surrounds the city of Lucerne. However, it can be difficult to get on the hill. If you don't have enough time, it's one of the places you don't have to go to, so it's okay to go straight to the statue of a mourning lion from the old town.

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The statue of a dead lion

American poet Mark Twain named this mourning lion as "the saddest statue in Europe." It was created to commemorate the death of all Swiss mercenaries who guarded Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution. It is such a work that shows the valor and credibility of the Swiss mercenaries. The figure of a lion weeping while being stabbed by a spear symbolizes the Swiss mercenary at the time.

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