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Weather in Pingstek

The Jungfrau region is the same everywhere, but the weather is also important to Pingstek. If it rains, we don't even operate soil health, so let's take a look.

Cable car inspection period

Pingshutek operates only from summer to autumn, so be sure to check the operating period.

▶ Operation period (summer)


Estimated travel time

From Interlaken, it takes about an hour and a half one way to Pingstek.

Pingshutec total time required: 4~5 hours


Pingshutec transportation expenses

Swiss Travel Pass holders get free travel to Grindelwald, and 50% off the Grindelwald to Pingsteck cable car.

Grindelwald-Pingstec price

Regular price: CHF 24

Swiss Travel Pass holders: CHF 12


■ In and out of Pingshutec

Board the blue train bound for Grindelwald from platform 2B at Interlaken East Station, Interlaken. (The back of the train is Grindelwald, and the front is Lauterbrunnen.)   Get off at Grindelwald and walk straight for 15 minutes. (After a little uphill, then downhill to the right) If you are not confident in walking for a long time, take the 123 or 124 bus at the bus stop and get off at the 3rd Kirche station. Walk down the right downhill for 3 minutes. Finally, board the Pfingstegg cable car and go up to the observation deck.


Pingshutech Toe Health

As a slide-like ride, this ride is very popular with young children. If the child is too young, they can ride with an adult. The price is cheaper than other activities with CHF 5.5 for adults and CHF 3.3 for children. Recently, toe health videos have been uploaded on the Internet, which is popular among Korean tourists as well.

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