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Weather in Pilatus

The most important thing on a trip to Pilatus in Lucerne is the weather. Check your Pilatus webcam in the morning to make sure the top is clear before going up. If you press the "Real-time webcam" button at the bottom, you can see the Pilatus real-time webcam.

Cable car inspection period

Pilatus is connected by cable car and mountain train. There are two ways to go up, and because the inspection period does not overlap , it is safe to say that it is practically open year-round. However, at times, one of the two may be blocked during the inspection period, and in this case, there may be inconvenience of having to go the same way when going up and down.

Inspection period in 2017 (subject to change)

Cable car: No operation from October 21st to November 8th, 2019

Mountain train: Operates from mid-May 2019 to 11.17

Estimated travel time

It can take more than 30 minutes depending on whether you want to take the mountain train from Lucerne to Alpnachstad or take a cruise. In general, it takes about 4 to 5 hours to travel from Lucerne to the top of Pilatus on average.

Pilatus transportation costs

Lucerne-Pilatus round-trip ticket price

CHF 36 with Swiss Travel Pass

Mountain Train + Cable Car CHF 72

CHF 100 or higher when departing from Lucerne

This is the price for mountain trains and cable cars, and for departures from Lucerne, you have to pay around CHF 102-120. If you don't have a Swiss Pass, I won't give you a special explanation because it will never be different, but if you don't have a Swiss Pass and you want to go to the mountains near Lucerne, I recommend looking for a Wilhelm Pass instead of a separate sector ticket.


Like other mountains in Switzerland, no reservation is required. Be careful because there are a lot of people during the peak season.

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How to climb Pilatus

There are two main ways to get from Lucerne to Pilatus.

Number 1: Luzern -> Alpnachstad -> Pilatus Kulm

#2: Lucerne -> Kriens -> Fräkmüntegg -> Pilatus Kulm

From No. 1, the Lucerne-Alfnachstadt section can be reached by cruise ship or by train. Cruises take 50 to 90 minutes, and trains take 17 minutes. Most Korean travelers prefer this direction because they have the illusion of cruise ships, but for those who don't have time to spare, taking the train is a way to save time.

Usually Korean tourists go up to Alfnachstadt on No. 1 and descend in the direction of Kriens 2. The opposite direction is OK, but if you go up to No. 2, it may be a little difficult to find the Kriens cable car stop from Lucerne Station. In this post, I will go up in the case of Alfnachstadt in No. 1 and go up in the direction of Kriens in No. 2.

Route to Alfnachstadt by train or cruise ship

How to go by train

A train to Alfnachstadt awaits from platform 14 at Lucerne Station. It takes 30 minutes or an hour apart, usually departs at 12 or 42 minutes, and takes 17 minutes.

▶ Get out of Lucerne Station and go to the marina

When you exit Lucerne Station, you will see a lake right in front of you, and there is a cruise ship dock in front of it. Let's get on the cruise ship to Alpnachstad.

However, during the inspection period of the mountain train, you cannot do anything if you go to Alfnachstadt, so it is essential to check the inspection period.


Go on a cruise ship

On a cruise in Interlaken, you can feel the Swiss lakes and mountains with your whole body. The mountain behind the city of Lucerne is Pilatus, called the'Mountain of the Dragon', and the mountain seen in the direction of the cruise ship is Rigi. In general, only 1st class pass holders can enter the 2nd floor of a cruise ship. It takes 50 to 90 minutes from Luzern to Alpnachstad in Lucerne.

Life shot point: Take a picture with the Swiss flag behind the cruise ship.

루체른유람선,필라투스 유람선


Climb Pilatus on the mountain train

Either way by train or cruise ship, once you arrive in Alfnachstadt, you can easily find a stop for the mountain train to Pilatus. Listed as one of the world's steepest-climbing trains, the train allows you to overlook Lake Peerwaldsteter, the so-called Lake Lucerne by people.


The appearance of the Pilatus mountain train


Pilatus kulm

As you climb the steepest train in the world, you will arrive at the top of Pilatus at 2,132m above sea level. The height of the mountains around Interlaken may be a little shabby, but it is higher than the Rigi, and the steep mountain slopes create the illusion of being higher than the actual height.

Pilatus, which is a little different from Titlis and Rigi, which are included in the three famous mountains of Lucerne, has two peaks from which you can see the view, and there are trails where you can lightly hike from the top. The range of sightseeing in the summit is not very wide, so you can take your time to explore.

Also, there is a hotel at the top of Pilatus, so if you are thinking of a slightly different trip, the Pilatus Kulm Hotel may be a good choice.


Cable car on the way down

You can walk down from the top of Pilatus, but the slope is steeper than expected. Many travelers go down the cable car. If you're on a mountain train, it's not that difficult to find the cable car on the other side. You can get off the train and walk a little to find the cable car platform. It is always recommended to check the last cable car operation time carefully and travel.



Tohealth has been widely known as the hottest video among internet travel communities since 2016. Pilatus has the longest tobogganing course in the world. In Switzerland, where admission is expensive, Toboggan is an activity that can be enjoyed at a reasonable price, so it is good to try it at least once.

If you go down the cable from the top of Pilatus, there is Frankmuntek Fräkmüntegg station, which transfers to a gondola, where you can get off for a while and enjoy tobogganing.

​One-time fee: CHF 8

Location: Fräkmüntegg Station

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Lucerne through Kriens

Transfer to the gondola at Frankmuntec Fräkmüntegg and continue down to reach the final station, Kriens. From here Kriens to Lucerne station you have to move a little more. Follow the signs that say Luzern around you, walk down for 5-10 minutes, and take bus number 1 from the bus stop to get to Luzern Central Station.

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