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Mountains like Interlaken's Jungfrau, Zermatt's Matterhorn, and Lucerne's Rigi and Pilatus are easy to waste money and time without seeing anything in bad weather. However, there is no need to be upset. If you only prepare for Plan B, you will not ruin your difficult trip to Switzerland, and take this opportunity to visit a hidden Swiss spot that others do not often visit.


It is a very famous spa town in Switzerland. There are quite a few hot springs in Switzerland, but Leukerbad is known as the best among them, if you pick a place with warm water, good accessibility, and a reputation. It takes about 2 hours from Interlaken and about 2 hours from Zermatt.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 로이커바트 Leukerbad
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Rhine falls

If you've settled in Zurich or Lucerne and it's raining, Rhine Falls could be an alternative. Schaffhausen Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe as well as Switzerland. Especially on rainy days, the wanderings become more abundant and the scenery spreads out, so it could be better because it rains. It takes 1 hour from Zurich, 2 hours from Lucerne and 3 hours from Interlaken.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 샤프하우젠 라인폭포 Schaffhausen Rhine falls

St. Gallen Gallen

It is close to the pronunciation of Jean-Gallen in German and Saint-Gallen in French. St. Gallen, a World UNESCO Heritage Site, and its annexed monastery are famous. In Switzerland, where there are relatively few historical sites, it is a good sight to see, and because the interior decoration is famous, I can also appreciate the rain, but there is no problem at all. You can also appreciate it along with the Rhine Falls introduced earlier. It takes 1 hour from Zurich, 2 hours from Lucerne and 3 hours from Interlaken.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 장그트갈렌, 생갈렌, 상트갈렌 St. Gallen


In Switzerland, where cheese and chocolate are famous, go to Gruyere to taste real cheese and chocolate. There is Gruyere cheese, one of Switzerland's top three cheeses, and the Cailler chocolate factory of the major chocolate companies Lindt and Cailler is located in Broc-Fabrique, right next to Gruyere. It is the cleanest region, and the livestock industry is developed to produce fresh milk, which is why cheese is developed and delicious milk chocolate is also produced. There are rumors that fondue is tasteless, but the fondue tasted in Gruyere is much tastier than the one in Interlaken/Lucerne. At Caie Chocolate, you can pay an entrance fee of CHF (free for children) of 12, and you can experience various experiences and endless chocolate tasting at the end. 1 hour from Bern, 1 hour 30 minutes from Lausanne, 2 hours 30 minutes from Interlaken/Lucerne/Zurich.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 그뤼에르 라클렛
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 그뤼에르 브록 초콜렛 공장
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 그뤼에르 브록 초콜렛 공장


Lauterbrunnen has the name of a noisy village with over 70 waterfalls. It is on the way up Jungfrau from Interlaken, and you can see so many waterfalls on rainy days. The highlight of the waterfall is Trummelbach Falls, where you have to get off at Lauterbrunnen station and get off the bus at Trummelbach station and pay an additional entrance fee. The very loud sound is the highlight. If you don't mind the extra charge, get off at Lauterbrunnen Station and see the Staubbach Falls right away. It is good to spend time taking pictures with the waterfall. If you have time, you can even get to Murren, which is free with the Swiss Pass.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 라우터브루넨 Lauterbrunnen
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 라우터브루넨 트륌멜바흐 폭포
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 라우터브루넨 트륌멜바흐 폭포

St. Beatus

St. Beatus, at the edge of Lake Thun, is a famous limestone cave in the Werner Oberland region. It may look very shabby compared to Korea's gosu cave, but it offers its own attractions, and since it is a cave, it doesn't matter if it rains. It is one of the places where there is very little chance of meeting Korean tourists because it is a place where locals usually go.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 상트 베아투스 석회동굴
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 상트 베아투스 석회동굴


Strictly speaking, Areslucht should be written in this way... A place called Zhangjiajie in Switzerland. This is a glacier gorge that was created by the erosion of glaciers tens of thousands of years ago. This course is often accompanied by a high-quality Swiss honeymoon package program. It was also introduced to the Swiss Friends Cafe, and it is famous among the places that some people visited and were satisfied with. Being a glacier canyon, it's cool even in the middle of summer, but be careful that it can get a little cold when it rains. It takes about 1 hour from Interlaken and 1.5 hours from Lucerne.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 아레슐트 빙하협곡 Aareschlucht
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 아레슐트 빙하협곡 Aareschlucht

Bern, Zurich

Swiss city tours are not widely known, but if it rains or the days are bad, it is worth a visit. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and famous for its old town that retains its medieval appearance. It will be a special trip to taste hot chocolate in Zurich, where the luxury chocolate brand Sprunley Café is located.

비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 베른 구시가지 Bern
비오는날 스위스 플랜 B | 취리히 구시가지 야경 Zurich
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