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Check train time/price/platform with the SBB app

Download the SBB app

Download the SBB app, an indispensable application during your trip to Switzerland. You can download it easily by entering SBB in the App Store for iPhone and the App Market for Android phones. It's so important to say that traveling to Switzerland is almost impossible without the SBB app, so be sure to download it!!

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표

Home screen

When you turn on the app, you can see a screen like the one below. To search for train times, press [Standard Timetable].

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표

Enter departure/arrival destination

As a matter of course, the next input is the departure and destination input.

From: Enter the starting point

To: Enter destination

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표

Major Swiss city stations

Interlaken partnership Interlaken ost, Interlaken West Railway Interlaken west, Lucerne Luzern or Lucerne, Zermatt Zermatt, Leukerbad Leukerbad, Bern Bern, Zurich Station Zurich Flughafen, Zurich central station Zurich HB, Geneva Station Geneve Aeroport, Geneva central station Geneve Cornavin, Basel, Basel SBB, Lausanne, Lausanne, Montreux Montreux, Vevey Vevey, Grindelwald Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen Lauterbrunnen, Jungfraujoch Jungfraujoch, Rigi Rigi Kulm, Weggis Weggis, Vitznau Vitsnau, Pilatus Pilatus Kulm, Titlis Titlis, Engelberg Engelberg, Adelboden Adelboen, Sue Pitts Speiz, Thun Thun, St. Gallen St. Gallen, Appenzell Appenzell, Schaffhausen Schaffhausen

Train time inquiry

When you enter the departure/arrival station in the SBB app, the train timetable is displayed automatically. It is displayed based on the current time, but you can check the desired time zone by modifying the date and time fields below the departure/arrival station input box.

For detailed times and itineraries, let us click on the first 15:18 minute train timetable.

Learn more about train information

After clicking, the timetable changes as shown below. You can see it says [15:18 Zurich Flughafen Pl.4]. Refers to [time, place, platform number]. Many people are curious about Pl., but it is Pl on the platform, and when you go to the Swiss station, it is written in German as Gleis and French as Voie.

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표

Check train ticket prices

Most travelers have a Swiss Pass, so there is not much to check on the price of a train ticket. Sometimes you need to buy a section ticket or use it to compare prices with the Swiss Pass. When you want to check the price, click [Purchase ticket] at the bottom of the SBB app after checking the train time.

The Zurich Airport Station-Interlaken section turns out to be 2nd class CHF 37.5 one way.

Select [One Way/Round Trip] and then select [2nd class/1st class]. However, if you look closely, it says 2nd class, One-way, 1/2 at the bottom. [1/2] ​This is the most confusing and mistaken part of Korean tourists. This represents the price for a person with a half fare card. Korean travelers rarely benefit from purchasing this ticket unless they travel for more than a month. In other words, most Korean travelers do not have a choice of [1/2] .

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표,SBB앱사용법

So why does 1/2 come first? First of all, it is to show a lower price, and in addition, Swiss people often have annual unlimited tickets or half fare cards. This is because there is no need to check the price of annual unlimited tickets, and it is important for half fare card holders to know the half price.

The story goes aside, but anyway, Korean travelers need to know the 1/1 price, so they go into Edit Travelers (red circle in the photo above). To change your information from 1/2 to 1/1. Ah! I log in and see my account. If you are not logged in, click Add Traveler right below to enter new information .

If you press the Accept button at the bottom after modification, you can check the normal price 1/1 price instead of 1/2 price. Zurich Airport-Interlaken East Station One-way ticket price is CHF 75, KRW 90,000 in Korean money. This is because the Zurich Airport-Berne section is particularly expensive, and it costs CHF 50 for one-way trip even though it travels for an hour, and CHF 100 for a round trip. You can see why so many people buy the Swiss Pass.

SBB,SBB앱, 스위스기차시간표,SBB앱사용법
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