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Weather in Schilthorn

The most important thing on a trip to Schilthorn is the weather. You can check it out on a webcam in the morning, but if you have a Swiss Pass, it's not too late to decide whether or not to go further at Murren after going up to Murren. If you press the "Real-time webcam" button at the bottom, you can see the Schilthorn real-time webcam.

Cable car inspection period

There are a total of two ways to get from Interlaken to Murren, and you can go up to 365 days a year with different maintenance periods. However, the Schilthorn can only be climbed by cable car, so if the maintenance period is over, you may not be able to climb the Murren-Silthorn section.

▶ Inspection period (stop operation)


2019.04.23~2019.04.26, 2019.11.11~12.06


2019.04.29~05.03, 2019.10.21~2019.11.08

Estimated travel time

From Interlaken, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes one way to the summit of Schilthorn. The tour time from the top of Schilthorn is usually about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. And most of the Korean tourists spend their time in Murren, the middle of which is the Murren-Gimmelwald hike, so let's plan an itinerary with this in mind.

If you only take halftone Murren: 3 hours

To the top of Schilthorn: 4-5 hours

쉴트호른 007 전망대

Schilthorn Transportation Expenses

Most Swiss Pass holders get a 50% discount on mountain trains, as is Schilthorn. Even better, the Interlaken to Murren section is free and the Murren-Silthorn section is 50% off.

Schilthorn Price

Original price: CHF 130

Swiss Pass holders: Free!! (From January 1, 2018)

Lauterbrunnen from Interlaken

To get to Schilthorn, you must first go to Lauterbrunnen. Take the train at Interlaken ost 2A platform at Interlaken East Station. The 2B platform on the back goes to Grindelwald, so make sure to check if the train is going to Lauterbrunnen. Trains departing from Interlaken pass Wilderswil in Wilderswil, separate at Zweiluchinen and go to each destination. The train departing from Interlaken arrives after 20 minutes and sits on either side, but the view is not significantly different.

라우터브루넨 폭포

Traveling in and out of Murren from Lauterbrunnen

There are two ways to get from Lauterbrunnen to Murren, and Swiss Pass holders can get to Murren at no extra cost.

1. Lauterbrunnen -> Gruzyalp -> Murren (cable car -> mountain train)

2. Lauterbrunnen -> Stechelberg -> Murren (bus -> cable car)

It can be increased to 24/7 by varying the inspection period. However, the Schilthorn can only be climbed by cable car, so if the maintenance period is over, you may not be able to climb the Murren-Silthorn section.

▶ Inspection period (stop operation)





쉴트호른,뮈렌, 라우터브루넨 가는법 지도

Highlights of Schilthorn

Schilthorn Observation Deck

It is famous as the backdrop for the 007 movie "The Great Operation to Rescue His Majesty", and there is a revolving restaurant at the top. You can enjoy the view while having a meal at a restaurant or having a cup of tea while rotating 360 degrees. It is one of the observation decks where you can see the Jungfrau Peak 3 best.

쉴트호른에서 바라본 융프라우3봉 아이거 묀히 융프라우
스위스 쉴트호른 007 전망대
쉴트호른 라우터브루넨 패러글라이딩
스위스 쉴트호른 비르그 전망대 스카이워크
쉴트호른 정상 007 회전식 전망대 레스토랑


It is known as the most beautiful village in the Jungfrau region. There are not many Korean lodging guests due to the lack of accessibility, but you can feel more secluded than Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen. As early as the Swiss Pass holders were able to come up for free, it is very popular with those who were a little hard to prepare for their trip. It's because you can see the Jungfrau from a distance by investing just half a day.

 스위스 뮈렌 마을 전경
스위스 뮈렌 뮤렌 마을 전경
스위스 뮈렌 뮤렌 마을 전경
스위스 뮈렌 나무 밑둥 스냅사진


Lauterbrunnen passes a lot because it is dark under the lamp, but surprisingly, Lauterbrunnen also presents a wonderful scenery. If you go to Jungfrau or Murren and walk to Staubau Falls, you can feel a little of the reason. Especially when it rains in the Jungfrau region, the dreamy feeling is very fantastic.

스위스 라우터브루넨 폭포 사진
스위스 라우터브루넨 폭포 사진
스위스 라우터브루넨 폭포 사진

Trummelbach waterfall

The place that tells why Lauterbrunnen is Lauterbrunnen is the Trummelbach Falls. One of the places worth visiting even when it rains in the Interlaken area. However, it is a fault that the entrance fee is expensive, but it is a place that is worth the price. The Swiss Pass discount does not apply.

Entrance fee to Trummelbach Falls

Adult: CHF 11

Child: CHF 4

Trummelbach Falls Operating Hours

April-November: 09:00-17:00

July-August: 08:30-18:00

라우터브루넨 트륌멜바흐폭포
라우터브루넨 트륌멜바흐폭포
라우터브루넨 트륌멜바흐폭포

Hiking in the Murren region of Schilthorn

Murren-Kimmelwald hiking

Murren-Gimmelwald is probably the most popular place in the Schilthorn region. Murren is high and Kimmelwald is low, so if you want to walk uphill, you can start with Murren if you want to go down from Kimmelwald. It takes about 1 hour.

뮈렌 김멜발트 하이킹
뮈렌 김멜발트 하이킹
뮈렌 김멜발트 하이킹
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