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Using the Internet

There are more and more travelers who check information on the Internet while traveling. With the development of the mobile Internet, it has become convenient to find my location and destination using Google Maps. In addition, you can go to better places by looking for restaurants and accommodation information through Trip Advisor and checking other people's reviews. If you have a problem with English, you can use a translator or go on a trip looking for information through a Korean blog. Weather changes are also important to feel the mystery of nature, and the Internet is also essential when checking the weather through the Meteor Swiss App and real-time webcam videos on the Jungfrau official website. Let's see how you can use the Internet in Switzerland, a reliable helper that can make your own trip to Switzerland more fruitful and fun.

There are largely 4 ways. The first is the overseas data roaming of existing domestic carriers, the second is the purchase of a local SIM card directly from Switzerland, the third is the purchase of a European integrated SIM card, and the fourth is the purchase of a portable Wi-Fi terminal. Convenience and price tend to be inversely proportional. Take this into account and choose which method is best for you.

Overseas data roaming of domestic carriers

SKT, KT, and LGT can all roam overseas data. Before leaving the country, let's stop by the relevant news agency to find out. If you plan to use a lot of data, we recommend using the unlimited data roaming plan per day. If you don't have an unlimited plan, we recommend using the flat rate plan. It is used as much as a set capacity, and when it is exhausted, it can be set to automatically block overseas data roaming. Excessive charges may apply if the plan is not an unlimited or flat rate plan, so be careful when using it.

Swiss SIM Card

Compared to the expensive prices in Switzerland, telecom rates are relatively inexpensive. If you are staying for more than 4 days, how about a comfortable trip to Switzerland with an investment of CHF 10-25? There are four representative telecommunication companies.

Swisscom swisscom is the representative Swiss telecommunications company. It is said that it is the best telecommunications company, and where the Swisscom does not open, all other telecommunications companies are not able to connect. However, the price is so expensive. The daily Internet fee is 2 CHF (about 2,500 won), which is about twice as much as other carriers. If you plan to stay for 4 to 5 days, there is no difference in price with other carriers, so make sure to charge only the minimum amount to use. (1 day unlimited data charge 2 CHF)

Salt (formerly Orange) is the most popular carrier. With the 15 CHF plan on 1GB of data (1 month validity), you don't have to worry too much even if you travel for a month. It is a little disappointing for Korean tourists that there are no stores in the Interlaken area, which is most visited by Koreans. (1 CHF for 20Mb data rate per day, 15 CHF for 1GB option)

In the case of Sunrise, the rate system is similar to that of Salt. The 1GB data option costs 15 CHF. There is also a store in Interlaken, so it is a good telecommunications service provider for those who are regretful of not being able to find Salt. (1 CHF for 1 day unlimited data charge, 15 CHF for 1GB option)

Lebara is using the cheapest rate plan. However, not many people live because it is difficult to find a proper store. You don't have to look for it unless you're only traveling for a long time in Switzerland.

The location of each carrier's store can be found on the official website. It is easy to find stores around Zurich International Airport and metropolitan stations. When making a purchase, simply show your mobile phone and passport and tell them you want to purchase a prepaid SIM card. When you buy a Swiss SIM card, you will be given a Swiss mobile phone number. It is impossible to use a phone number with a Korean number until the existing Korean SIM card is re-installed. Instead, if you call a hotel or restaurant in Switzerland, you can do it at an affordable price.

If you have a Swiss SIM card and use it in a neighboring country, overseas roaming fees apply. This is not recommended because it is often more expensive than the average European roaming price of Korean carriers. Whether it is advantageous to buy a SIM card for each country or the European integrated SIM card, which will be introduced next, depends on your itinerary, so if you plan to travel to several countries, compare and choose.

European integrated SIM card

In the case of 3 SIM cards, Vodafone, and SIM cards in the UK, there are many rates that cover all of Europe at low prices. In particular, in the case of 3 SIM cards, there are many places that are sold in advance in Korea through the Internet, so you can use them after acquiring them in Korea and installing them as soon as you arrive. It's a bit more expensive than a Swiss-only SIM card, but if you're planning a trip to other countries in Europe, consider buying it. Like the Swiss SIM card, their mobile phone number is changed to a UK number, so it can be inconvenient for those who have a Korean mobile phone number important. In the case of the 3 SIM card, 25GB data can be used for 30 days in 11 countries at a cost of about 58,000 won.

These days, Shinhan Yusim is also loved by many people. The SIM card provided by Shinhan Card covers many European countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK, and Italy, and the price is also low. It is 3,000 won/day and a 10% commission is added. There are mixed reviews that each SIM card works well and there are some things that do not work, but it is the most popular product recently.

Portable Wi-Fi terminal

It is a machine that can be used in various countries including Switzerland. A typical example is Pocket Wi-Fi. You can use the Internet by turning on the device and connecting to the device via Wi-Fi. It's cheaper than the cost of data roaming through a carrier, and since there's no need to replace the SIM card, you can keep your phone number. The price is 8,100 won per day, and if the usage date exceeds 11 days, you get a discount of 5,670 won per day. However, the battery runs out quickly, so you have to carry a spare battery with you.

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