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Weather in Titlis

The most important thing on a trip to Titlis in Lucerne is the weather. Check your Titlis webcam in the morning to make sure the top is clear before going up. If you press the "Real-time webcam" button at the bottom, you can see the Titlis real-time webcam.

Cable car inspection period

Titlis is connected by a cable car. Before the start of the ski season, there is an inspection every November, so be sure to check the dates.

Inspection period in 2017 (subject to change)

2019.11.04 ~ 11.15 No operation

Estimated travel time

To get from Lucerne to Titlis, you have to go through Engelberg, which is called the Town of Angels. It takes about an hour one way from Lucerne to Engelberg, and about 30 minutes from Engelberg to the top of Titlis. At the top of Titlis, there are various attractions such as Cliff Walk, Ice Palace, and a snow sledding range, so it takes about an hour to visit, and if you spend time at Lake Trupse on the way down, you will need more time. Typically, Korean tourists spend about 4 to 5 hours.

Titlis transportation costs

The three other famous mountains in Lucerne, Rigi and Pilatus, are free with a Swiss Travel Pass, whereas Titlis is one of the places that Eurail Pass holders, who have suffered a lot of losses on mountain trains, are welcome because there is no difference between Eurail Pass holders and Swiss Pass holders. Do.

Lucerne-Pilatus round-trip ticket price

Return CHF 89

One way CHF 63

50% discount on all Swiss Travel Pass, Eurail Pass and 1/2 card holders


Like other mountains in Switzerland, no reservation is required.

How to climb Titlis

Unlike other mountains, there is only one way to get from Lucerne to Titlis.

Luzern -> Engelberg -> Titlis

Typically, you take the train to Engelberg from platform 13 at Lucerne Station. Trains from Interlaken come on platform 12, which are very close. It takes about an hour from Lucerne Station to Engelberg.


엥겔베르그 지도,루체른,티틀리스

the cable car station in Engelberg

The Engelberg cable car station from Engelberg Train Station to Titlis is a bit far away. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes on foot, and takes about 5 minutes by shuttle bus.

The bus departs right after 5-10 minutes after the train arrives, so if you are bothered to walk, it is better to take the bus, and if you want to feel Engelberg village, it is good to walk. Usually, Korean tourists take a bus to the cable car stop and walk back to it.


Climb up Titlis by cable car

The way up from the cable car stop to Titlis is very simple. Just get on the cable car and go up. At first, you will ride a gondola with flags of various countries, and then ride the world's first 360 revolving cable car through Lake Tropsee. There is only one way to go up, so let's go up while enjoying the surrounding scenery comfortably.


Engelberg cable car stop


Titlis Summit Titlis

At 3,020m above sea level, Titlis is the only one among the three famous mountains in Lucerne to see the ice cap. Interlaken Jungfrau is also a great place for unplanned travelers. The ice palace built through glaciers, the Cliff Walk that connects the peaks with rocking rocks, and the ability to sled on the ice cap are the charms of Titlis.

스위스여행,루체른여행,티틀리스투어,티틀리스, 티틀리스빙하,티틀리스글레시어

Lake Trübsee

If you're visiting Titlis in the summer, it's a good idea to take a break at Treps on your way down. It is a lake in the middle of the mountain, where you can fully enjoy the relaxation of Switzerland. There are rowboats on the lake, and each one pays for what they feel.

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