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Hi. It is cold sundae.

Ebenalp , a place that led Korean tourists little by little, as it was selected as a place to go before death on the BBC a few years ago . Isn't it one of the most popular places for soup cafes? If your schedule in Switzerland is over a week and you are staying a little longer in Zurich or Lucerne, it's a good place to take a step. It's a very popular place among locals, so it's good to keep in mind that people get crowded on sunny weekends.

Ebenalp operating period

2019.04.27 ~ 209.11.03 operation

(In winter, it's not what we think because it's ski season)

Ebenalp Cable Car Prices

Round-trip ticket price CHF 31/person, Swiss Pass holder CHF 15.1/person

How to get to Ebenalp

Good for those staying in the Zurich, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Appenzell areas. It's a little farther away from places like Interlaken, Grindelwald, Zermatt and Lausanne, so we recommend going somewhere else instead of Ebenalp.

From Zurich it takes about 2 hours and from Lucerne it takes about 3 hours. It's too far from Lucerne alone, so I'll explain it based on guests staying in Zurich.



Naturally, in order to know the route and time of travel, you need to be familiar with the Swiss Railways Authority SBB app.

If you search through SBB, it tells you to change at Gosau Station. Here you will be transferred to the Appenzeller train.

SBB app usage posting :


The Appenzeller train, which looks a little different from the SBB, runs through rural Swiss villages. Appenzell is known to be the most rural in Switzerland. Just by looking at the scenery from the train, you can clearly feel the countryside atmosphere.


It is a little different from the area where the ice caps are known to us, and it is far from the crowded tourists, so you can travel calmly. To get to Ebenalf, just get off at Wasserauen. The cable car stop is a 3-minute walk away.


Buy a ticket and get on the cable car.


From Ebenalp we go to Aescher Hut to visit the Aescher Hut. Just follow the signs and walk down for about 15 minutes. Many people who come to Ebenal come here to go straight to the Asher Lodge, so you just have to follow someone else.


As you walk past Asher Lodge, it is said that there are traces of people living in the prehistoric times called Wildkirschli Cave, and there are traces of Neanderthals living, so there are some explanations in the cave.


A little further down through the cave, this is the Asher Lodge we wanted to see.


Isn't it so beautiful? As soon as it really spreads out in front of my eyes, the thought that this is it flows through. It is difficult to describe the harmony of the Asher Hut, which is located under the cliff that is being cut down, and the surrounding mountains covered with snow-capped snow.


To better enjoy the Ebenalp Asher Lodge, you may want to dine here. The combination of traditional Swiss food Roesti and Appenzell beer makes the scenery even more beautiful. Of course, it is not forbidden to have high expectations for food in Switzerland, but people who drank Roest and beer here enjoyed it even because of the atmosphere.


Compared to mountains like Jungfrau and Matterhorn, it is just a small garden, but I think the Ebenalp and Asher Lodges have their own charm. You don't have to come from far for this place, but if you are staying in Zurich, St. Gallen or Appenzell, I think it would be nice to come at least once.

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